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What The US Really Wants.

        I'm always looking for ways to sum up, simply and briefly, the way this modern world functions and the reasons for the poverty, inequality, barbarism and the perpetual war that we live under. You can try to explain it in economic terms, imperialism, power blocks, and/or corrupt liaisons of rich and powerful people/organisations/states, and you could fill a very large book. This video does a very good job in approximately 8 minutes. Well worth watching.

      Current US military space policy is primarily geared toward two countries, China and Russia.
      In May 2000 the Washington Post published an article called “For Pentagon, Asia Moving to Forefront.” The article stated that, “The Pentagon is looking at Asia as the most likely arena for future military conflict, or at least competition.” The article said the US would double its military presence in the region and essentially attempt to manage China.
By William Blum
March 08, 2014 "Information Clearing House When it gets complicated and confusing, when you’re overwhelmed with too much information, changing daily; too many explanations, some contradictory … try putting it into some kind of context by stepping back and looking at the larger, long-term picture.
       The United States strives for world domination, hegemony wherever possible, their main occupation for over a century, it’s what they do for a living. The United States, NATO and the European Union form The Holy Triumvirate. The Holy Triumvirate has subsidiaries, chiefly The International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Criminal Court … all help to keep in line those governments lacking the Holy Triumvirate Seal Of Approval: the IMF, WB, and WTO impose market fundamentalism, while foreign leaders who act too independent are threatened with being handed over to the ICC for heavy punishment, as the United States imposes sanctions on governments and their leaders as only the King of Sanctions can, lacking any sense of hypocrisy or irony.
       And who threatens United States domination? Who can challenge The Holy Triumvirate’s hegemony? Only Russia and China, if they were as imperialistic as the Western powers. (No, the Soviet Union wasn’t imperialistic; that was self-defense; Eastern Europe was a highway twice used by the West to invade; tens of millions of Russians killed or wounded.)
I received the video link from from Comrade Loam at arrezafe:

Published on July 28, 2015

CN: This video will discuss and contain some images you might find upsetting or disturbing - genocide, racism and extreme poverty...
        This analysis of US foreign policy is essentially a summary of the arguments made in Volume I of Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman's Political Economy of Human Rights, 'The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism'. Although it's a harrowing read, it is very informative and provides a devastating account of US-backed atrocities across the globe, and I would highly recommend it.
         With regard to North Vietnam, in case people are wondering, I am not saying that the bloodbath during the land reform programme was acceptable or permissible - rather I included this point to highlight the hypocrisy of the US media which openly condemns bloodbaths such as this one but turns a blind eye to bloodbaths carried out by the United States and its allies.
           My own position is that action against these kinds of atrocities ought to be strategic. It is the responsibility of populations to criticise and take action against their own state rather than other states, as this is arguably the most effective means of preventing atrocities and protecting human rights.

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