Sunday, 17 January 2016

Kids As Cannon Fodder For Imperialism!!!

      Everybody knows, or should know, that the British military is there to defend and further the British imperialist state, forget that crap about defending peace and democracy, we have never had either. So it seems, that more and more people are staying clear of the military recruiting offices. However, this is a problem for the state, it needs cannon fodder to do its dirty work, when it comes to defending its plunder in other countries, or when it feels it can move in and grab some more of other countries' natural resources, Iraqi and Libyan oil to mention just a couple. They come up with totally misleading propaganda adverts, appealing to the easily misguided or vulnerable of our children, promising comradeship, free travel and learning a valuable skill. No mention of authoritarian brutality, sexual and physical assaults, depression, suicides, and trauma, let alone death and injury.  Even their expensive glossy misleading adverts don't seem to be doing the job. The new targets are our schools, the imperialist cabal in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are planning to launch military cadet units in our secondary schools, mainly in the working class areas of the country. This callous bunch of parasites, are well aware that the kids in the poorer areas of the country are facing a life of fewer and less rewarding opportunities, just what they consider to be, ripe pickings for the cannon fodder to defend their imperialist plunder here and abroad. All this while the hypocrites gasp in mock horror about "boy soldiers" in other lands. 

      With the army and reserve forces struggling for recruits, the Tory government has launched a £50m Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP) to establish 500 school cadet units across the UK by 2020, with schools in “less affluent” areas being prioritised.
      Scotland’s largest teaching union, the EIS, said its members would also oppose anything that smacked of the armed forces trying to recruit within schools.
      With around 100 units recently established in England, and many more already in place in private schools, the UK government needs 145 more state cadet units to hit its target.
       It has now turned its attention to Scotland’s 360 secondaries to help make up the numbers. 
        This callous duplicitous action should be a battle ground for us, it is blatant class war, we have to see it for what it is, getting the poor trained, to defend the wealth of the rich. On no account should the teachers, friends and families of our school kids allow this scooping up of our young impressionable kids, to carry out the brutal, dangerous, dirty work of defending the ill-gotten gains of the wealthy and bloated parasitical rich. Keep the military well away from our schools, we don't struggle to bring up our kids to have them sacrificed on the bloody altar of imperialism. 
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