Monday, 4 January 2016

Anarchism Is For Lovers.

       That babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, has, by vile and prolonged propaganda, managed to portray anarchists as those wild-eyed, straggly haired weirdos, who lurk in shadows with a bomb in their hip pocket, the purveyors of chaos and mayhem. Of course nothing can be further from the truth, anarchism is a philosophy of love and understanding, a desire for all to be free. Through the years by the persistence of their actions of solidarity, and standing firm in the face of injustice, anarchists have slowly, slowly, changed that perception in the eyes of more and more of the general public. Only when we can convince the vast majority of the public, of this anarchist vision of love and understanding, of justice and freedom, will we make real progress.
      So with that in mind I am delighted to promote this article from Psychological Anarchist:
“Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.” ― Gianna Perada
       When one becomes an anarchist he does not fling explosive cocktails at common people. She does not don black attire, incite riots, or write anarchist cookbooks with recipes on burning buildings. It is true that one can be anarchist and commit trouble galore, but that is not the case on the whole. Modern anarchists are generally peaceful and pensive. They resemble most everyone and sport similar excitations, interests, hobbies, appetites, and other humanly behaviors. They simply vie for social and political change. They just want to be free.
       They are not wild-eyed maniacs with violent histories or knife scars from gang fights. Everyone tends to have these preconceived notions and fantasies, because governments have painted anarchists to appear as an insane group of desperadoes who want to ignite the world in a conflagration of chaos. Not true. This is a pernicious lie.
Anarchists would rather plant gardens of woodruff and wine cup flower, and live peaceably in the woodlands while wooing nature. The figure of the anarchist is much less alarming than previously suspected. In reality, the anarchist is a figure of destiny, a symbol for what mankind seeks to become — the orgiastic manifestation of peace and truth brought to bear in a kaleidoscopic explosion of love and unity.
       Indeed. The term “Anarchy” is a humble term. It means “without rulers.” It does not mean blow things up or sow disorder. Anarchism is an apolitical philosophy that champions the individual and decries the monarch. Anarchy is the triumphant concept that people should live unobstructed by laws and rulers, but instead be consumed with love and kindness.  Anarchism is the face of the future echoed in the cries of the people. It is written on the voices of the downtrodden and dominated. And ultimately, the person who believes in peaceful anarchism is a person whose silhouette and character has often been shaped by cultural traumata and painful experiences.
        Here I will explore the depth of the anarchists character and their motivations, with the intent to create more anarchists, as well as show people the color and poetic beauty of the anarchists deep self and love of peace.
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