Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Workers Self-management.

        In late October 2014, Greece was and still is, being severely plundered by the Troika, (ECB, European Central Bank, EC, European Commission, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers.) workers were being paid off in droves, but as always, there are those who fight back against the financial Mafia's grand plan. The workers at the Vio.me factory in Thessaloniki, were part of that struggle. Their factory was declared bankrupt and closed, but the workers had other ideas, they occupied the factory and started production again. In spite of several attempts by the financial Mafia to have them evicted and the premises auction off, they are still there. They are an example to others in workplaces across the globe. Who needs the bosses, but they do need support and solidarity.

This interview from Anarchist Radio Berlin:

      As Anarchist Radio Berlin (aradio.blogsport.de) we had the opportunity of talking to the workers of the self-managed soap factory Vio.me in Thessaloniki, Greece.
      In our interview they tell us about the origins of this factory take-over by the workers, what this had to do with experiences in Argentina and they managed to overcome financial problems. Listen to this audio also to know how to show solidarity, as Vio.me is threatened by eviction due to a planned compulsory auction of the premises.

A soap factory inGreece, abandoned by its owners, has been reclaimed by its workers - and provides a vital example of how things can be done differently.
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