Friday, 22 January 2016

Same Old, Same Old, Capitalism.

          It is claimed that Puerto Rico is a poor country, a small country mired in debt, stated to be $90 billion, but how can you be poor if, in the last 20 years, you produced $600 billion tax free profit for corporations? How does that work? Well, Puerto Rico is a colony of imperialist America, like all colonies, it is plundered to enrich their imperialist masters. Puerto Rico is basically owned by big corporations. A mere 10% of that plunder would clear all Puerto Rico's debt. The people of Puerto Rico like all subjugated people of colonies across the world, can't solve their problems, as long as control over their daily lives and their assets lies in the hands of their imperialist masters and the big corporations. This slave master relationship comes, as always, at great cost to the people. Recently, because of the ever recurring crisis in capitalism, the people of Puerto Rico have had to bear the usual “austerity” plan. This is devastating when the standard of living is among the poorest in that area, estimates show 44%+ of the people living in poverty. They have been attacked by increase sales taxes, a reduction in the working day, with the subsequent drop in income, a considerable drop in health and education services, the dismantling of labour rights, the destruction of their pension system, and a host of other life destroying measures. Although lots of Puerto Ricans live in homes that would not be classified as homes in the "developed" world, there has been a recent surge in homelessness. A population trying to exist in dire poverty and deprivation, while the wealth of their country is sucked straight into the corporate world's bank accounts.
        Puerto Rico is just another example of a capitalist system riding roughshod over people to maximise profits, aided and abetted by the military power of imperialism. Until we sort out in our minds that such a system has to go, one way or another, before the people of this world can see justice, and reap the benefits of their own labour. A better world is possible, it is up to us, the ordinary people of this planet, to come together in solidarity, and create that better world, that sees to the needs of all our people.
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