Saturday, 4 April 2015

Bairns Not Bombs, Glasgow.

       Glasgow's Scrap trident march on Saturday April 4th, was a very well attended affair. I'm no mathematician, but I put the attendance around the two thousand mark. The march was a colourful affair with an array of banners from different groups around the country, from Stirling to Ayrshire to Edinburgh and more. There was the ECAP banner, (Edinburgh Campaign Against Poverty) IWW, peace camps, CND, Scottish Socialist Party, and a Black and Red anarchist flag. There were literally hundreds of Bairns not Bombs placards, which I think encapsulates the mind set of the Scottish people.

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  1. radical anarchist faction4 April 2015 at 20:17

    Waste of a good walk,they're making faslane bigger!!!

    1. The walk is not the important thing, it is an opportunity to influence the public in some way, a chance to get your literature and ideas out there. What better opportunity to get out along the pavement handing out your leaflets with your ideas and opinions? Nobody is daft enough to think a walk will change the world, but it does raise awareness.

    2. It would be interesting if you could tell us something about the "radical anarchist faction"??

  2. What do you think about selling Scottish flags at the event? It strikes me as opportunistic