Monday, 20 April 2015

The Undesirables.

        As technology increases the efficiency of capitalist production, more and more of us are becoming surplus to requirements. We are actually a drain on the profits of the corporations, as taxes have to be raised to maintain control of us. We are moving from "surplus to requirements" to "undesirables". It is an indication of how corrupt and unjust a system is when it produces more "undesirables" than "desirables". 
Undesirables in this world of cash and power
      There are more and more undesirables in this world. Whether it’s the millions of refugees who roam the planet, or the millions herded into slums and poor neighbourhoods around the world. Whether it’s those sacrificed by wars and industrial devastation or the poor in European countries thrown overboard in the name of the economy. Whether it is the brave insurgents who have risen up with cries of freedom and dignity in many countries in recent years or those daring to fight here in the heart of the metropoli, against a world that suffocates them. More and more of us are considered superfluous, unnecessary, dangerous, unproductive and harmful by the masters of this world, who will stop at nothing to protect their system and save their power. They have turned the Mediterranean into a huge mass grave. They have set up hundreds of concentration camps for undocumented migrants. They have developed advanced technologies to better identify, monitor and control us. They brandish the threat of expulsion, imprisonment or the most abject poverty to make us accept the role of slaves that they have reserved for us. They stir up racial hatred and sectarian strife to divide us. In short, they are making war on the undesirables here and elsewhere.
Nowhere to run except …

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