Thursday, 16 April 2015

Anti-TTIP Global Day Of Action, Glasgow.

         Right now, our MP candidates are making all kinds of claims about how they’ll protect our NHS. But there’s a key issue our politicians are keeping quiet on - TTIP. It’s the US-EU trade agreement being drawn up in secret - it threatens many of the things we hold dear, from our democracy and environment, to the NHS. [1]
      So this Saturday 18th April, 38 Degrees members from across Glasgow will be gathering at the Buchanan Street steps to join a global day of action to stop TTIP. [2] It'll be a chance to hear from campaigners across the country and take part in exciting public stunts to shine a light on this dodgy deal.
      The more of us that join in, the bigger our impact will be - so can you come along on Saturday?
WHEN: Saturday 18th April, 11am
WHERE: Buchanan Street Steps, Glasgow
          The TTIP trade deal could open the doors to US medical companies buying NHS services, with one motive in mind - profit. And our NHS isn’t the only thing under threat: schools, social care and our treasured public services could also go under the knife. [3]
         Recently 38 Degrees members have been taking action in huge numbers to tell our candidates standing for election that they must take a firm stand against TTIP - collecting signatures, emailing and tweeting candidates, and holding street events. [4]
        On Saturday, let’s make sure MP candidates from every party see us out on the street mobilising people across Glasgow against TTIP. Together, we’ll spark hundreds more important conversations as the election draws near.
Saturday's event is being organised by a host of local groups across Glasgow and national groups who have been campaigning to stop TTIP. [5] Can you spare an hour or two on Saturday to join in? Everyone is welcome and it will be a great way to meet other 38 Degrees members who live near you.
Please click the link to let other 38 Degrees members know you’ll be there:

Hope to see you on the streets!
Jen, Bex and the 38 Degrees team
PS: If you can’t make it on the day, can you take two minutes to support the fight against the dodgy TTIP trade deal by emailing your MP candidates? Just click the link here to get started:

[1] The Independent: What is TTIP and six reasons why it should scare you:
[2] Global Justice Now: Global day of action against TTIP:
[3] 38 Degrees blog: John Hilary, Executive Director at War on Want's analysis on TTIP:
[4] 38 Degrees blog: Day of Action against TTIP in Scotland - come rain or shine!:
[5] Saturday's event is being supported by Global Justice Now, War on Want, and the local 38 Degrees group in Glasgow
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  1. "My words but a whisper your deafness a SHOUT.
    I may make you feel but I can't make you think.
    Your sperm's in the gutter your love's in the sink.
    So you ride yourselves over the fields and
    you make all your animal deals and
    your wise men don't know how it feels
    to be 'TTIP' as a brick." J.Tull