Sunday, 5 April 2015

Capitalist Success, The Growth Of Fatcats.

      Everybody that is in touch with the ordinary people of this country is fully aware that the financial Mafia's policy of "austerity", under the stewardship of the Oxbridge millionaire duo, of Cameron and Osbourne, has returned the living conditions of some of our people back to the Victorian era. The tactics used have been varied, from bedroom tax, to slave labour workfare, from cuts in welfare benefits, disability allowance, etc. to zero hours contracts. Wages have been depressed for more than 5 years, while energy prices have taken off like a series of Soyuz rockets.
      Despite this actual scenario of poverty, the coming Crooks and Liars competition, known as the general election, is pushing the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, to spew out an ever increasing flow of its main ingredient, bullshit. According to reports from the mouths of Oxbridge millionaire puppets, we are blessed with capitalist success. Everybody is working, everybody is better off, we have the best economic growth in Europe, so run out and vote for the best Crooks and Liars, the Tories, and get more of the same.
      How do we square this with the recent report from NASUWT, teaching union, which states that it is witnessing kids in "Victorian conditions"? According to the report based on a survey of 2,452 teachers, kids are turning up at school hungry, tired and wearing inappropriate clothes due to a continuing squeeze on family finances. It states that some kids are arriving at school with no socks, no coat, and is also aware of more families depending on food banks. It also draws attention to the fact that many children are being degraded and damaged by poverty and homelessness.
     Some other findings from the report are, almost seven in 10 (69%) of teachers said they have seen pupils coming to school hungry, while eight in 10 (80%) have witnessed youngsters turning up in clothes that are inappropriate for the weather with a similar proportions reported children arriving in unwashed or damaged and frayed clothing, a further three in four (78%) said they have seen pupils without appropriate footwear. The survey also said that it had noted "Pupils who come into school unwell. Often their parents cannot afford to take a day off work, and therefore send their children to school when they ought to be at home."
     This is the true picture of capitalist success, the growth of wealth, but no account of how that wealth is spread. Yes, more people are working, but poorer, yes, the wealth of the country is growing, but we the people don't get a share. Balance sheets that take no account of the well being of the ordinary people, everything is measured in profit and loss to the corporate world.
      Why do we go through with this charade of democracy, playing the parasites' game of the Crooks and Liars competition, and electing another bunch of self seeking careerists, who will continue the plundering of the public purse and appeasing the corporate world at the expense of the well being of us, who create all that wealth?
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  1. What chance have you got when our elected leaders are best pals with the tories.