Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Poet Has Words Of Love To Tell.

Sometime we need to stop, clean our glasses and see where we really are.


Where are you youth?
I remember you well,
You showed me visions of a new world
Where poverty died a sudden death,
Peace reigned so long
We’d forgotten where the last soldier fell.
People loved and people laughed,
People danced to the troubadour’s song,
People listened when the poet spoke
For he had words of love to tell.
Nature triumphed over barren lands
Its bounty shared by all,
Grasping greed withered and died
Caring and sharing sounded his death knell.
Where are you youth?
We seem to have lost our way.
Our planet is pillaged and plundered
and left to rot and bleed.
As loud beats war’s barbaric drum beat.
There’s ethnic cleansing and corporate greed
The “I, me, egotism and guile”
Today’s dominant creed.
Now more than ever, dear youth,
Your transcendent vision, your brave tomorrow
Is our tragic world’s compelling need.

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