Wednesday, 29 April 2015

People Versus The Financial Mafia.

        Greece is fast running out of money, during the month of May the Syriza government has to find the staggering sums of €750 million to pay the IMF, (international Mankind Fuckers) plus another €400 million in interest payments. May is considered an easy month, but June will prove to be more difficult as the sums are €1.5 billion to be paid to the IMF, €700 million to European institutions, and a further €500 million in interest payments. This is a monthly pouring of money out of Greece into the coffers of the financial Mafia. This from a country where the economy has crashed, where unemployment is sitting at over 27%, and youth unemployment is above 50%. social services have disintegrated, poverty, substance abuse, suicides, homelessness and sleeping rough have all rocketed. Physical and mental health problems have reached staggering proportions, in a collapsed health service. 
      To try to alleviate some of the suffering of the people of Greece, and to try to keep some of its promises to the people, the government has suggested that it lower some taxes to help the poorest, and raise the minimum wage and pensions for those on lowest pensions. Of course the Financial Mafia in charge of Europe, has condemned this action, stating that it is a backward step. Saying that this action would put their negotiations at risk. The financial Mafia in the shape of The Troika, (EC, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers) are refusing to pay Greece its entitlement of €1.9 billion profits made on Greek debt bonds, until it complies with its demands of “reforms”, which in reality means just get on and do as your told or go bust.
       The Financial Mafia are not in the least interested in the condition of life in Greece, or any other country for that matter, all that matters is that governments keep pouring public money into the bottomless pit that is the financial world. Even if it means that populations of entire countries slide into the morass of deprivation, so be it, all that matters is that the financial Mafia don't lose a Euro of their ill-gotten gains. This is capitalism at work, greed, inhumane treatment of entire populations, a total disregard for humanity in any shape or form, a financial war on people.   
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