Sunday, 12 April 2015

TTIP Is Still There.

      TTIP still growls away in the dark corridors of power, its proponents wheeling and dealing, slicing and dicing, between themselves and the corrupt politicians. We can only expect them to come up with a plan that will allow the corporate juggernaut roll mercilessly over any illusion of democracy that still remains. 
     There will be an international campaign of action on April 25th. Across Europe people will be coming together to voice their opposition to this attempt to cement corporatism on to our backs, giving the corporate bosses full control over any legislation that they may consider to be harmful to their profits. 
      On Saturday 18 April people across the world will be protesting against “free trade” deals that are undermining our democracy. In Europe people will be taking part in 100s of actions to stop TTIP, the “trade” deal between the EU and the US.

     With the election coming up in May it is important that we make sure TTIP is on the agenda. People are organising exciting actions across the UK to raise awareness about TTIP and stop this corporate grab of our democracy.

You can find out about existing actions or organise your own on our website.

     People are standing up to “free trade” deals globally. If we stand together, we can defeat these assaults on our democracy. Please join us to protest on 18 April.
Best wishes,
Guy Taylor
Trade campaigner at Global Justice Now
     Already the tobacco giant Philip Morris is suing Uruguay for having some of the best anti-smoking laws in the world, and there’s a good chance it could win, unless we strengthen the fight in court.

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