Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Rank And File.

       “Our duty, which was the logical outcome of our ideas, the condition with which our conception of revolution and re-organisation of society imposes on us, namely, to live among the people and to win them over to our ideas by actively taking part in their struggles and sufferings” —Errico Malatesta

     An interesting article, "If it isn't rank and file, it isn't anarchism" from Anarchist Materialism:
     In order for the Anarchist movement to mature in this country, we must address a particularly troubling dilemma. Are we to continue our historical struggle within the working class or do we evolve into a professional class of labor organizers and bureaucrats?? Addressing this question isn’t only about disagreements in methods but in affirming an anarchist conception of organization from the base. Whether in garment factories and ports or in hotels and retail, our focus on the rank and file has always been obvious– without the revolutionary self organization of the workers, we will never overthrow this unjust system of economic and political domination.
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