Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Our Inheritance.

        Half way through the National Poetry Month, this could become a habit, you should try it.
Our Inheritance.

Now is the time to arm our desire with anger
time to claim our rightful inheritance.
Inheritance, built by generations of poverty and toil,
river of wealth channelled to financial institutions,
stolen by the power crowned few.

Treasure, fearlessly wrestled from angry seas.
Riches, arduously torn from the bowels of the earth.
Bounty, labouriously scratched from unforgiving land.
Assets, ours by right of life and limb.

Our toil sent a director's son to Eton.
Our poverty paid his daughter's dowry.
Our sweat created the plunderer's sea of plenty.
Our humility gave his crime legality.
Now is the time to arm our desire with anger,
time to claim what's ours, with fist and fire.

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