Thursday, 23 April 2015

Jobs, Economic Growth, Regeneration, And All That Crap.

         It was like a breath of fresh air, to see that young woman, jump onto Mario Draghi's desk and scatter his holy scriptures like snow in the wind. The pompous, untouchable, privileged, parasite, ECB president, almost made contact with the real world. His little bubble that protects him from real people almost burst. For a fleeting moment, his power and privilege vanished. There for all to see was the man, the vulnerable flawed being, who has grown to believe the power he has is his own, and not the power of the edifice that is built around him, and is there only by our submissiveness. When will we withdraw that submissive permission?
This from The Acorn:
        When a young anti-capitalist leapt on to the desk in front of European Central Bank president Mario Draghi when he was giving a press conference in Frankfurt on April 15, the look on Draghi’s face was priceless. Where was his security? Where was his certainty? Where was his unchallenged power to pontificate without any interruption from those who should know their submissive place in the social structure and stick to it?
       The impact of this one-woman protest (following on from the thousands-strong protests in Frankfurt a few weeks ago and hopefully continuing with the May 1 protests against the World Fair in Milan) is something that needs to be matched on a theoretical level. We heretics of the capitalist age need to blow a hole in the smug certainties of the neoliberal cult of which Draghi is part.
        Jobs, economic growth, regeneration. These are its holy words, the sanctimonious doublespeak that is uttered every time it carries out some new abomination.
        Like all such dogma, these terms “cannot” be challenged. They are supposed to be self-evidently desirable. From within the capitalists’ world, it is so obvious that “everyone” is in favour of jobs, growth and regeneration that they don’t even feel they have to argue the case.
But the truth is that it is precisely only from within their world that they make any sense. It is only by accepting all the assumptions that lie behind these loaded terms that they appear to be positive concepts.
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