Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rehabilitation And All That Crap.

Understanding and Tolerance.
        This UK “democracy” charade that we live under has many anomalies, none more so than our prison system. Spouted as the land of freedom, tolerance, compassion, England locks up more of its population than any other Western European country, a staggering 147 per 100,000 of its people are in prison. Since the start of 1993, the number of its citizens locked up in prison has risen from 41,600 to more than 80,000. Further increases are expected. Of course Scotland follows the same trajectory with a 10% rise since 1996/97 to almost 7,000. Northern Ireland saw a fall in the 90's but has now started to follow the UK trend, up to around 1,400. Another massive rise has been in the number of citizens serving life or indeterminate sentences, 7,600 in August 2006, a rise of 27% in a year.

Overcrowding and Ever Growing Prisons.
      Many prisons have more inmates than their target limit, but are at a level considered “safe”. According to this definition, prisons have been overcrowded every year since 1994. Of course the state always works on the theory of ever increasing problems with its citizens, so always plans for more spaces. Since 1997, more than 17,000 extra prison spaces have been created. A further 8,000 are planned,

Bad People, or People With Problems?
      Most perceptions of prisoners are fashioned by the babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, and come under the category of “bad “ people. However facts prove otherwise. Almost 50% of prisoners ran away as a child, this compares with 11% of the general population. Almost one third of female and 50% of male prisoners, were excluded from school, with a large majority having no qualifications. Prisons are also dumping dens for for a large amount of those with mental health problems. The prison population has a very large proportion of those with two or more mental health problems. In the general public this figures is less than 5%, in prisons that figure is 72% of male and 70% of female prisoners who fall into that category.

Despair and Violence.
     Prisons are described by the powers that be, as places of rehabilitation, but are in fact places of despair and violence. In the year 2005-6, a shocking 63 prisoners took their own lives. There are on average, over 20,000 incidents of self harm a year. 50% of those who self harm are women, though the account for only 5% of the prison population. To further undermine that false theory of prisons being places of rehabilitation, approximately two thirds of prisoners are re-convicted within two years. Among the younger prisoners released, aged 18-21, almost 75% are re-convicted within two years. And to finally kill of that “rehabilitation” crap, approximately one third of released prisoners have no place to stay, and a majority will have no job on release. Added to that is the brutal fact that six out of 10 employers automatically exclude those with a criminal record. 
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