Friday, 17 April 2015

We Can Surely Fix This!!!

       It is just around 3 weeks to the Great Big Crooks and Liars competition, the “general election” and the crazed competitors are running around the country kissing dogs' arses and shaking the back legs of frogs, all in an attempt to impress the general public. No deed is too bizarre, lofty millionaires will even touch the bairns of ordinary folk, and smile. I always feel that it is aptly named, “general election” , after all we are really electing generals to lead the slaves. What is it all about, what really happens after the “big event”? We should know, we have had lots of them in the past which we can examine. In each Crooks and Liars competition in the past we have had the various groupings, called parties, as they have lots of fun, produce their magic formula, called “a manifesto”. As you read each magic formula you come across lots of words all arranged differently from the other's magic formula, but all basically saying the same thing. For example, each one will say that they will end poverty, give everybody a decent home, create a good standard of living for everybody, and see that the population is taken care of, from the cradle to the grave. They will dress it up in various recognisable sound-bites, but it is still the same old crap.
       In my 80+ years I have experienced a lot of these Crooks and Liars competitions, I have read lots of these magic formulae, and to this day I have not seen one fulfilled. I was born in poverty, son of a miner and a waitress/cleaner/shop-assistant/factory-worker, in one of Glasgow's many slums, Garngad. So the single-ends have gone, but the poverty remains, homelessness is on the increase, and the health service is deteriorating, and people are having to rely on food-banks to survive. So why do we keep repeating the same old failed process? We know what happens when the winners of the Crooks and Liars competition, don the robes of power, and take up residence in that edifice to imperialism and privilege, the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. They sit down and do the bidding of the financial Mafia, they work out the best way to implement the financial Mafia's grand plan of total privatisation. All public assets are to be sold off to the corporate world. Everything that can assist the corporate world will be done, depressing wages, restricting trade union activity, end social spending, reduce corporate taxation. The winners of the Crooks and Liars competition are the puppets of the financial/corporate Mafia.
     If we the general public are hoping to create a better world for all our people, our children and grandchildren, Then we have to stop expecting a bunch of pampered privileged careerist to do it for us, they are part of the problem, in no way are they the answer. We have to take control of our lives, that means control of our communities, our work places, the means of production and distribution. We can run all these affairs without the aid of an overpaid fat-cat CEO, and a bunch of doing-nothing, greedy shareholders. We have toiled long and hard, we built every house, factory, ship, and lorry, we delivered every product, we grow every morsel of food. However, sadly we do it to the dictate of a bunch of greedy self interested pampered parasites, whose interest are contrary to ours. We can surely fix that.
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  1. If elections could actually change something, they would be prohibited.
    Dont vote !!! Organize and fight !!!