Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Buried Treasure.

As life glides on, what do we really value?

Buried Treasure.

Rich,     man I'm rich.
this life, this treasure chest of mine,
crammed full.
Those moments of ecstasy with forgotten names,
burning loves that broke the rules,
quiet meetings that burst into flames,
short lived loves
sealed with brittle vows.
Passions that sparked and flashed
bring warmth,    even now.
Ruby red anguish that shaped my heart
diamond friendships this world can't part,
a son that changed this world to gold
adding pride to my treasure chest.
A daughter brought radiance beyond compare,
of precious gems,    they gave the best.
These jewels, these precious stones
this bounty beyond belief
all mine,
outshine a prince's throne.

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