Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The State Kills In Many Ways.

      Greece, like other European countries has abolished the death penalty, but there are other ways the state can take away your life. The state demands the monopoly on violence. This is the latest report on the prison hunger strikers in Greece, with the hunger strike starting on March 2nd. it is obvious, that by now, several of those involved will be in a critical condition.
       On March 31st 2015, a judicial council permitted the release of Athena Tsakalou, mother of the Tsakalos brothers, under restrictive conditions: bail of 10,000 euros, obligation to check in to a police station three times a month, ban on exiting the country, and prohibition on leaving Salamina (Salamis Island), which means that, if her sons come out alive from hunger strike, she will no longer be able to visit them in prison.
    However, another judicial council dismissed the motion for conditional release of the wife of GerasimosTsakalos.
Meanwhile, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire members – eight of whom are currently hospitalised in critical condition – together with anarchist prisoner Angeliki Spyropoulou enter the 30th day of their hunger strike (since the 2nd of March). Earlier today (31/3), CCF comrade Michalis Nikolopoulos ran the risk of having a cardiac arrest.

Immediate release of the companion of Gerasimos Tsakalos!

        Prisoners in A wing of Koridallos men’s prison, show their solidarity with the hunger strikers by doing a banner drop.
         The banner reads--  “Immediate release of the relatives of CCF – Victory to all the hunger strikers – Dignity or death”
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