Tuesday, 14 April 2015


      The silent invisible army whose daily diet is anguish and isolation. We know they are there, we just don't see them.


Tenebrous spectres, they exist,   out there,
on the crumbling edge of chaos.
A father, a son, a brother,
a daughter, a sister, a mother.
Fragments of some shattered family structure;
waste products
from a society being driven to destruction
by a hurricane of greed
living a life that wears out life,
the devious death of exhaustion from existence. 

March For The Homeless 2015 is a protest/march originally founded by Darren Bradley in Dublin,Ireland. The protest is taking place on the 15th of April 2015 in Ireland, England, Scotland, USA & Canada

      We will no longer let these people be ignored, go hungry or be able to sleep safe at night. 
     A static protest outside Glasgow city Chambers. Wednesday April 15th, 14:00.
 Bring your voices and banners.  We will also collect any donnations of food etc... more details to follow


Visit ann arky's home at www.radicalglasgow.me.uk

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