Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Struggle And The Solidarity Is World Wide.

      While here in the UK, in relative calm, our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, is covering us in the shit that is the "general election", elsewhere in the world the system of capitalism is facing a more robust attack by the people. From mass protests to strikes, from hunger strikes to direct confrontation, day in day out, the system is under attack, on a daily basis, the people are confronting the cancerous power of this corrupt system.

Tuesday, 31st March, 2015:
       Peru, Arequipa: very heavy policing on 8th day of indefinite strike against Tia Maria mining project “Strikers say policemen threw and fired tear gas and shot from helicopters…. hundreds of policemen attacked and entered their homes by force to arrest people …”…they entered the houses with arrogance, kicking down doors to arrest people just because we are against polluting mining… With more than three thousand police they besieged the whole of Cocachacra and kidnapped all the people of Tambo Valley. They have also police contingents in Mollendo to stop the population having access or making its way to us. We are not allowed to have demonstrations. …”
        This is just one of many struggles that are bubbling up though the festering crust of the capitalist system. To get an idea of just some of the people's battles against this exploitative system it is worth paying a visit to Anarchist News. They have managed to compile a list of people's struggles during the month of March 2015, from across the world. It is not a definitive list, but it is encouraging to see that the battle to destroy this greed drive, destructive, exploitative, earth plundering system, is under such sustained attack.  
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