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Emancipation Via The Troika????

         Lots of people saw the Syriza victory in Greece as a giant step forward for the left in Europe, change was on its way. However, as soon as they put on the robes of the state and start to debate the rules in the state's rule book with other states, they are doomed. They are playing the game to the tune of the state power mongers. I have no doubt that there is a possibility there will be a few extra crumbs for the people of Greece, but "balancing the books" according to the rules of the financial Mafia will still be a priority. Paying "the debt" by one means or another, privatisation, taxes and "austerity" cuts, will still be on the agenda. The people of Greece deserve more than this from their arduous and brutal struggle over the last 7 years, but their emancipation will not come through the auspices of the Troika, (EC, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers) or any debate with that particular cabal. Their future, like all of us, lies in our own hands, at our level, it will not come down to us from above.
Greece's Obama.
      But the germ of this retreat and recuperation was already there in the Sic/Theorie Communiste  mentality, its heavily abstract notion of theory. This mentality always takes on an idea of theory as something specialist, for theoreticians. That’s why it’s often a question of theory of theory. But it is rarely something for proletarians in struggle, as a support, encouragement and clarification of this struggle (which is not to say that those low in the Sic/TC hierarchy don’t sometimes contribute to proletarian practice – e.g. in the anti-shale gas struggles, or by opening up squats).  This produces in those who identify and produce these “ideas” an intellectual role with an attitude of superiority towards people who haven’t read all the abstractions of Roland Simon or who haven’t read all 3½ volumes of Capital 1000 times and can quote them as quickly as other people can yawn. It’s a theory which considers practical risk, and practical consequences as of a far lesser importance than the sophistication of their ideas. Oh, how they just love to wallow in the notion of their own sophistication!
      Above all, this role demands no break with the hierarchical comportment learnt from dominant social relations and it’s not too hard for those people entrenched in this hierarchical role to “transform” themselves without embarrassment into a politician. It’s not surprising to hear that the TPTG broke with Blaumachen in 2009 precisely because of the Machiavellian manipulations of Woland.
  There is also a link with the political mentality and the determinism of Theorie Communiste. Those who have created their own “good reasons” to see revolution as inevitable invariably create a hierarchy in which the partisans who recognise their explanation are placed at the top; the as yet neutral masses are in the middle, and their opponents who may have competing reasons or no reason at all, are at the bottom. Determinism, in turn, is a logical outcome of the separation reinforced  by this “revolutionary” mentality between themselves and the rest of the proletariat. If one cannot conceive of the masses as individuals capable of determining the conditions of their existence through conscious choice, as people capable of choosing to make a revolution, then it is necessary for a special enlightened group to supply them with an external motivation they can’t resist and which becomes a mentality of faith in the thought of this group which replaces their own theory, colonises their own point of view.
I could say more about Theorie Communiste and all this Sic shit, but for the moment, I’ll leave the last word to a contact who wrote:
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