Thursday, 9 April 2015

Past Conventions.

     Dearie me, here we are on the 9th of April and I had forgotten it was National Poetry Month. So I'll just throw this one in to get things started.

A Cage Of Past Conventions.

Life is passion ever surging,
we must grasp the moment
changing apathy to hope
dreams to life;
set freedom freely flowing,
fiercely remaining
a river of desire.

Seek freedom from the reverence of the past,
freedom from nation, name and caste,
let freedom drench the eager heart
changing our life to a living art.

Yet,   foolishly we seek false assurances
locked in a cage of past conventions;
bidding our heart take the safest stance,
afraid to dance a forbidden dance.

Afraid of beauty, remembering pain,
shackling tomorrow to yesterday's chain,
sowing seeds of regret;
living lives in rigid schemes
labouring to forget,
only freedom can free our dreams.

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