Friday, 10 April 2015

Brazil General Strike.

"The PL 4330 bill sets no limits to outsourcing in private and public sectors. Activities, including those linked to the core business of a company, could be outsourced.
If made law, it could lead to a large-scale replacement of direct permanent workers by outsourced workers with poorer working conditions, less protection and fewer benefits."
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     Sound familiar? Well it should, it is a trend throughout the developed world. However in Brazil the unions are doing something about it, they are calling a general strike from the 15th April. The neo-liberalism of today uses this method to bring down working conditions and suppress wages and smash organised labour, all in the never ending quest to drive up profits and fatten the bank accounts of greed driven shareholders. 
      We can show our support by spreading this around all the social networks. Solidarity knows no borders. 
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