Monday, 13 April 2015

DPAC Wants Revenge.

       Since the Oxbridge millionaire gang of Cameron/Osbourne seized control of the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, people with disabilities have come in for some very rough treatment. First there was the Cameron/Osbourne mob's well paid hit-men, ATOS, who carried out a brutal reign of terror against anybody claiming disability allowance. However, due to a continuous and courageous campaign waged by those on disability allowance and their supporters, ATOS was forced to withdraw from its lucrative bullying job. Of course the brutal intimidation and terrorising didn't go away, a new mob of corrupt hit-men, Maximus, were given the contract, and so the terrorising continues. Undaunted, those of Disabled People Against Cuts, and their supporters, who campaigned and kicked ATOS out of the park, are still fighting back and are looking for "REVENGE", we should give them all the support we can muster. Solidarity wins battles, when it comes to these struggles for justice, as far as the ordinary people are concerned, we are all in this together.

     A fortnight of Fight Back and telling politicians throughout the UK what we think of them and what they MUST do if they want our votes.
    Everywhere from April 18th – May3rd. Select your favourite politician or issue to campaign on.
      Some funding is available for travel bursaries with priority given to members.
      April 23rd (Thursday) National DPAC will be going to Wirral West constituency to visit Esther McVey. Meet noon at the Job Centre, Market Road, Hoylake.
      Actual address is Town Hall Chambers, 1 The Quadrant, CH47 2EE just off Market Street.
      Esther’s constituency is very marginal and at the moment she looks set to lose her seat. We want to help facilitate that.
      April 25th (Saturday) National DPAC will be going to Chingford to visit Iain Duncan Smith. Meet 2pm outside Chingford Rail station. Trains from Liverpool Street.
       Please get in touch with us at to let us know if you want to go to one or more of these events or would like help with travel costs.
       Please also arrange your own events and send us details.
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