Monday, 27 April 2015

TTIP Must Be Stopped.

       The corporate/financial Mafia hope to have TTIP all wrapped up and functioning by October. That's not a lot of time, we can't wait until then, and then start to complain when TTIP moves in and kicks us in the teeth. We have to continually keep pushing to get this take over by corporatism flushed down the tubes.  Sign the petition HERE:
This appeal from 38 Degrees:
       Big corporations are staging their biggest power grab yet - with TTIP, the dodgy EU-US trade deal. But this week, we have a chance to deal a blow to those trying to get the deal passed without a fuss.
      On Wednesday, MSPs will vote on whether to reject the worst parts of TTIP. They’ll be voting on the part of the deal that lets private companies like McDonald’s sue our government if they raise the minimum wage. [1] The vote won’t stop TTIP. But it’ll send a very clear message - that together we’ll stand against corporate power.
      We need our MSPs to be there, and to vote the right way. The vote’s on Wednesday so we don’t have much time. Can you email your MSP today? Click here:
       It would be a nightmare scenario for corporations is every MSP turned up on Wednesday. They don’t want to have to defend their flagship trade deal. So together, let’s make sure every MSP is there. And let’s get as many as possible to listen to their constituents and vote the right way.
      It’s no surprise that public pressure against TTIP is growing across Scotland. This dodgy deal could make more NHS privatisation inevitable. And it could hand American corporations the power to sue our Scottish government if Holyrood passed laws they didn’t like. Plans to de-privatise our services would be scuppered. [2]
        The vote this Wednesday is a huge opportunity for us to raise the political stakes on this dodgy trade deal before next year's Holyrood election. The more of us who email our MSPs, the clearer the message: we won’t sit back while our democracy disappears into corporate hands.
      Please click here to tell your MSP to turn up on Wednesday and vote to on principle against TTIP:

Thanks for being involved,
Jen, Nat, David and the 38 Degrees team
[1] The report being discussed on Wednesday is the result of months of work by the parliament to find out whether TTIP really threatens our democracy - and the conclusions are stark.
     The report recommends that ISDS, the part of the deal that lets companies sue our government for ‘lost profits’, should be scrapped. It says that TTIP could harm our environment and food safety, and could allow runaway privatisation of our services. MSPs will be voting on whether they agree with this report.
You can read the full report here:
Or find a handy summary by Global Justice Now here:
[2] Liz Murray: It’s more than just the NHS that’s at risk in Scotland from TTIP:
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