Thursday, 16 April 2015

Corporate Capitalism.

      Poetry of love, of fear, poetry of hope, of despair, poetry has many tongues, but should always speak the truth.

Corporate Capitalism.

I am the God of this century
I create the master and the slave,
labour for many, bounty for the few;
pledge poverty for countless millions.

I am the God of the plutocrat
I engender that which must deprave,
hypocrisy, greed, envy; unity I subdue,
incite bloody wars between nations.

I am the God of mammon
rapaciously I the world's resources plunder,
appalling famines spawn, hunger multiply;
consign starving hordes to slow extermination.

I am the God of power
I design technology to pull the world asunder ,
multi-mega bombs, missiles that terrify;
enough to guarantee total obliteration.

I am the blind God
without mercy I crush all resistance,
he who will not bend, I shall break;
with reckless speed drive man to destruction.

I am the only true God
of the twenty first century.

Where are the God killers, we need them now more than ever.
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