Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Trident: Time To Move On.

       Most politicians will try to keep Trident and weapons of mass destruction of the agenda for the present Crooks and Liars competition, the general election, as it is sometimes called. However it should be shouted from the rooftops, and continually shoved in their faces, these weapons are unnecessary, illegal, immoral and are weapons against the civilian population, destroying cities in one fell swoop. On the financial side, they drain resources from social projects, billions of pounds being squandered on these mad men's status symbols. This is the 100 years anniversary of the 1915 rent strikes, then, practically ever window had a sticker, stating "We are Not Paying". Wouldn't it be great to use that same principle and cover our cities and towns windows with stickers saying, "We Will Not Have Trident", making sure each of the Crooks and Liars in the competition gets the message.
From Move On Trident:

Trident: Time to Move On has launched!

     Some of you may have seen the letter in the Observer on Sunday -

     Together with a piece by Daniel Boffey the establishment of our website - including two promotional videos - and the petition hosted by 38 degrees, we are all systems go.

      Please do share the links - especially the petition - with your networks now as every single signature will count over the next three weeks as we attempt to demonstrate to politicians and the mainstream media that any complacency around this issue is sorely misplaced.

       We are still collecting high profile names to keep extending the list already committed here, so any further help with that will be much appreciated.

    Thanks again for all your warm support till now,


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