Monday, 27 April 2015

Ending This Infernal Night.

      Four more days left of National Poetry Month, four more poems, so here is today's.

An Unjudging Eye.

All that happens under this unminding sky
appears to be seen by an unjudging eye,
pitiless famine spread by unbridled greed
as the powerful pillage with unprincipled speed.

See war and hunger sour this lovely land
with crippled justice making a fragile stand,
pompous power sail in manner grand
selfish duplicity the helmsman's hand.

What now to the common man is due
is grasped by a wealthy swaggering few,
still compassion turns a blind eye
to let the many, in poverty die.

Observe greed and tyranny strutting bold
until perfidious men all power hold
who seal the power with stolen gold
their tale of treachery seldom told.

Blind to honety's wasted light
the rich can't see poverty's plight
nor hear youth's anguished tear;
greed has dulled their listless ear.

When will justice spread her light
putting selfish greed to flight
crushing tyranny with righteous might,
ending this infernal night.

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