Saturday, 25 April 2015

Action Against Workfare And Sanctions.

       As the Crooks and Liars competition, (the general election) snarls and grunts its way towards the finishing line, we have been bombarded with economical magic formulae, which are supposed to transform our lives. There has been a myriad of variations on how to reduce the "deficit" allowing us to enter the promised land. Our lives are to be governed by what is good for business, the assumption being that if the CEOs of the corporate world are happy, then they will make our lives better. All bullshit of course.  
       As far as I am aware, not one entrant to the Crooks and Liars competition, has mentioned anything about stopping workfare, and getting rid of sanctions. These two planks of the capitalist "economic recovery" are without doubt responsible for untold misery in our communities. They are responsible for pushing people to food banks, skipping meals, not heating their homes, running up debt, and a host of other diseases of the capitalist system.
      This week sees the start of a week of action against workfare, (slave labour) and sanctions, (vindictive punishment of the vulnerable). Sadly most of what is advertised seems to be in London, hopefully as the week progresses we will see increasing protest events spreading right across the country.. Remember, workfare is an attack on wages and working conditions, and that affects us all.

No workfare. No sanctions. Whoever wins we will resist!
      As the general election campaign gets underway we are already seeing politicians calling for more of the same policies. More workfare. More sanctions. Yet we know that these policies have been a total disaster. It is shameful that workfare and sanctions are supported by all the main political parties. This is why we are holding a week of action in the week before the election. We need your help to expose and challenge workfare and sanctions policies and the political lies that underpin them.----------
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