Monday, 20 April 2015

Food, Cancer And Profit???

     Pump our food full of chemicals, to increase profit, but don't label what you pump into the food, then call yourself an ethical saver of the world!!! Monsanto's list of lethal concoctions that have been released on the world's population are legendary. With the blessing of the US government, the people of Vietnam were given the kiss of death by means of Monsanto's agent orange, the result, death and generations of deformed kids, but what the hell, they were commie kids, and it was great for Monsanto profits.

 Dear friends across the EU,      Top scientists warn the most commonly used herbicide in the world probably causes cancer! Monsanto is demanding the World Health Organisation retract their ground-breaking report. And experts say the only way to ensure the science is not silenced is if the public demands action, now.
         The regulatory system is renowned for being secretive and captured by the
agro-chemical industry. But we have a unique moment right now -- the EU is officially reassessing glyphosate, with similar processes underway in the US, Canada, and Brazil. And the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and El Salvador are all looking at a ban. The threat is clear -- this poison is used on our food, our fields, our playgrounds, and our streets. Let's get it suspended. Join the urgent call and tell everyone:
      Monsanto is up in arms. Glyphosate brings in $6 billion per year. It is the basis of RoundUp, the chemical cornerstone of Monsanto’s Genetically Modified empire. The company says the WHO report ignored studies showing glyphosate is safe. But these scientists are 17 of the world's top oncology experts, not a bunch of crazies! They comprehensively reviewed independent studies, excluding those done by companies seeking product approval.
      Regulators rely mainly on tests done by the companies trying to sell the poisons! Key results are kept from the public because they contain 'commercially confidential information', and 58% of the scientific panels in the EU Food and Safety Agency are linked to the sector. It's nuts, but that is the system we have. And that’s why it's going to take all of us to make sure this crucial independent report isn't ignored.
Some countries have already put bans on glyphosate. Now with the EU, the US, Canada, and Brazil all reviewing it, we have an incredible chance to turn the tide
        Fifty years ago Monsanto's pesticide DDT was everywhere until the seminal book Silent Spring showed it could cause cancer -- a decade later it was banned. If this could cause cancer, let's not let it be sold for ten more years. Let's demand
emergency precautionary action now. Join now and spread the word: 

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